Easy Shokupan Recipe - Japanese Milk Bread + Tangzhong

This week we're showing you how to make Shokupan, otherwise known as Japanese Milk bread. The fluffiest, cloud like, white bread there is. Great for sandwiches, toasting and and making Honey Butter Toast (COMING TOMORROW!!!). It gets it's infamous fluffy interior using a Tangzhong. We show you how to make this bread two ways, a classic rounded cloud like top, with a glaze, and a super square loaf.

60g Water
60g Milk
25gStrong White Bread Flour
Tangzhong at Room Temperature
120g Milk, Lukewarm (28-30°C)
7g Active Yeast
50g Sugar
15g Milk Powder (toasted if you like)
1 Egg
350g Strong White Bread Flour
1 tsp Sea Salt
60g Soft Unsalted Butter

1 Egg + 2 tbsp Water for Egg Wash (optional)