Caramel Cornflake Cupcakes

The Caramel Cornflake Cupcake is a true Crumbs & Doilies favourite and now you can make it yourself at home! Sally's over at our Soho store with the full recipe and tutorial on how to bake these rich, caramelly, crunchy cupcakes. The Caramel Cornflake topping is a treat in itself; chewy, sweet, salty - it's EVERYTHING you could ever want and need. It goes without saying that caramel is HOT HOT HOT so please be careful and you may need to ask someone to help you out. Have fun making them, and even more fun eating them! If you remember to then snap some pics of the finished cupcakes (....or the leftover crumbs) and share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #cupcakejemma so we can all see and share!